Dendrobium kingianum

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Dendrobium kingianum is a lithophytic species originating from Australia. It belongs to the dendrobium genus and requires a cool and dry winter rest. It normally flowers in the late winter or early spring. It can flower from both old and new canes.  Hold back on water and fertilizer from late autumn and all through the winter. When new growth appear in the spring it is time to start watering again. Dendrobium kingianum is known as an easy and vigorous grower. It produces keikis and can become huge specimen plants. The small flowers vary in colour, but are normally pink to purple with some white.

Dendrobium kingianum prefer night temperatures between 15 – 25 ºC. Keep this plant in bright light.



Dendrobium kingianum


December 25, 2012:

I bought this plant in December 2012 because I has seen so many pictures and seen it mentioned so many places. The Dendrobium kingianum is truly a legend and well-known dendrobium amongst orchid growers. It is said to be an easy orchid and a fast growing one. It produces keikis, and a lot of them and it is also said to flower willingly. When my plant arrived it already had two growing keikis on it. They are still rootless and will stay on the mother plant for the time being. It has three live canes. Since flowering time is winter or early spring, I cannot expect flowers on this plant until August/September.

I’ve potted it in a small, unglazed clay pot in a combination of stones, coir and fir bark.




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  1. Knowing their native habitat well, Dendrobium kingianum will happily thrive in average conditions of 6°C-20°C (night-day) in winter and 19°C-30°C (night-day) in summer. Average rainfall is 38mm in July (winter) and 146mm in January (summer). This is the climate of Grafton, NSW, which is pretty much smack in the middle of it’s range. More info on ANPSA.

    Nice blog and good luck with your kingianum!

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