Dendrobium nobile

<Dendrobium nobile


Dendrobium nobile is a species originating from Southern  Asia. It is a terrestrial or lithophytic plant that can be found both in lowland and in the mountains. It blooms mostly in the winter and spring. It belongs to the Dendrobium genus, and they need a dry winter rest and with-holding of fertilizer during the same period. Yellowing leaves in the autumn is a good indication as to when to cut back on the watering and feeding. They often produce keikis.

It likes bright, indirect sunlight and prefers night temperatures in the range of 10-26 ºC, but can take cooler temperatures if on the dry side. Avoid frost.



Dendrobium nobile


I’ve been told that dendrobiums like to fit snuggly into their pots and that it’s important to use as small pots as possible. This plant is in a 7 cm, unglazed clay pot. I’ve used fine fir bark as growth medium. I bought this plant in July 2012 and since then it has grown one new shoot. It has not yet flowered, bu the natural flowering time here in Namibia will probably be in August/September.

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