The August orchids

Towards the end of August a box of plants found its’ way to the farm, and they immediately added to the flowers in the greenhouse.

The latest purchase was dominated by phalaenopsis orchids, surprisingly enough, since I’ve never paid much attention to them since the NoID phals are the only orchids one can easily get hold of here in Namibia. But then again, you just cannot turn down the opportunity to get hold of a Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea,  and since the Phalaenopsis stuartiana was the Orchidgeeks’ warm-growing project orchid I just had  to have one of those as well, and since I was in phal mode I figured I’d might as well get some more…

This is a complete list of the new residents in the greenhouse:

Brassavola nodosa – I initially wanted brassavola David Sander, but when that was out of stock I went for the parentage instead.

Cattleya aurantiaca ‘Mishima spot’ – I’ve had the Cattleya/Guiranthe aurantiaca on my wishlist for as long as I could remember and although the Mishima spot have a bit too much…spots, it’s still the closest I’ve ever come to the real, plain aurantiaca.

Paphiopedilum ‘Night Shadow’ – I wanted a dark paph.

Phalaenopsis lobbii –  I was in phal mode.

Phalaenopsis amabilis v.aurea – I was in phal mode.

Phalaenopsis Purple Martin – It’s lilac. Nuff said.

Phalaenopsis Anna-larati Soekardii – I was in phal mode.

Phalaenopsis stuartiana v.nobilis – It looks cool and it’s the warm-growing plant for the Orchidgeek’s 2013 project so this one was a given. 

Phalaenopsis tetraspis ‘C1’ – This is one of the most amazing phals ever.

Phalaenopsis violacea v. coerulea –  If the tetraspis ‘C1’ is the most amazing, then this is easily number 2 on that list.

Phalenopsis cornu-cervi v. chattaladae – And this one is probably number 3.

Phalaenopsis Yaphon Lobspis – I was in phal mode.

Miltonia Guanabara – I’m an oncidium killer and was about to run out of plants to torture and mistreat so I had to restock.

Neofinetia falcata – an intimidating little samurai, this one. Small step for many, huge step for me as an orchid collector. I’ve respectfully kept my distance to this minute thing up to now. I feel the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders. It will be interesting to see if this the beginning of a long-lasting friendship or a short-lived affair.

Hawkinsara Koolau Sunset ‘Hawaii’ – because it’s red and amazing.

Laeliocattleya Sagarik Wax ‘African Beauty’- because it’s red and amazing.

Hawkinsara Hsinying Why Not – because it’s red…and all that.

Odontocidium Tiger Crow ‘Golden Girl’ – this goes back to the urgent need for some oncidiums. I got my biggest orchid shock ever when I unpacked this monster thing. I’m sure these tiger crows eat people.

Oncidumnia Kutoo ‘Little Cherry’ – Of all the oncidiums in this purchase, this might be one that stands a chance to survive since I’m (apparently) able to keep mounted oncs alive. Heck, the rodriguezia venusta is even making new bulbs and looks happy!


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