Caularthron bicornutum

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When I saw a picture of a Caularthron bicornutum some time ago, I immediately put it on my wishlist.

My wishlist is a long scribbled thing where the ranking change according to my mood swings and last sightings and discoveries. It’s an orchid bucket list and I doubt that I’ll ever come to the point where I can lean back and say that I’ve got them all ticked off now. There is no plant left to collect.

So, the Caularthron was on this long list and I had little hope to actually obtain it, thinking that this plant would probably not be available at nurseries in southern Africa. How wrong I was! Scrolling through the price list of Plantae Orchids, the two names kind of bounced off the page, and I just knew I HAD to have it.

I got my Caularthron bicornutum in end of may 2013. Shortly after it arrived on the farm, it began developing a spike, and in August 2013 the plant flowered for the first time in my care.

The Caularthron bicornutum is a species from north-eastern South America and parts of the Caribbean. It is a medium-sized warm to hot growing epiphyte/lithophyte. According to it normally flowers late winter to spring. The flowers are supposed to be fragrant, but I cannot detect any scent on mine. This plant has fairly small flowers, measuring 4-5 cm across. For me, the main appeal, apart from that I do like white flowers, are the simple elegance and clean lines. It is a pristine flower and it is appropriately also sometimes called ‘The Virgin Orchid’.

25 August 2013:

The Caularthron is currently flowering with four flowers and the fifth bud is about to open up. I can count five more defined buds, but the spike is still developing and it’s too early to say whether the smaller buds will open up or blast and whether there are still more buds to come or if this is it.

The plant is currently 15 cm tall. It got 6 pbulbs. It is potted in a clear plastic pot in the growth medium it came in from the nursery. It looks like a combination of bark and perlite.


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