Laeliocatanthe ‘Meadow Bright’

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Wow! I don’t know if it’s typical laeliocatanthe or if this specific plant just fits well in my greenhouse, but the ‘Meadow Bright’ is a happy plant, and that makes me a happy owner. This is a fast-growing large cattleya alliance plant that is currently flowering from two bulbs/canes. One spike holds more than 20 flowers, the other one around ten and there are still a few buds that should open in the next days. As I said, large-growing. This one does really not suit well for windowsill growers. The highest spike is some 60 cm tall on top of a 30-40 cm tall plant making it close to a meter high. The other spike is considerably shorter, and have an easier and more manageable height.

The weight of the flowers pull the spikes down, and if you want to be able to see the flowers nicely, a bit of support and staking might be a good idea. I just let them grow as they wanted to and the result was that they turned their heads away from me looking towards the brightest light that they could find in the greenhouse. This plant can take a lot of sunlight.

I purchased it in August 2012 and it took a good half year to mature the first flower spike, but the second and much younger growth matured in only a couple of months.

While this is the time to enjoy the flowers I’m also eager to find out what this plant is going to do when it’s done flowering. It seems like a willing and vigorous plant and I’m hoping it will not go into some kind of endlessly long hibernation period when it’s done flowering.

Laeliocatanthe ‘Meadow Bright’ is a hybrid of Cattlianthe Trick or Treat and Laelia aurea. This plant has made me keen to get hold of more laeliocatanthes. It does better than my other cattleya alliance plants and I really like this one, despite that the flowers are not the showiest or the most amazingly scented.

I’ve tried to pollinate it both with the Namib Sunset and with itself, but somehow the pollination just does not take. Weird… But I’ll give it another try with x self.

It is mildly fragrant, and it’s perhaps a good thing that the scent is not too strong, because it’s hyacinth-kind of scent that does not score high on my charts.

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