Well, hello there!

I’ve got a couple of NOID oncidium hybrids that have been purchased out of flowering. They are test bunnies, one could say. I’m absolutely horrible with oncidiums. I tend to kill them by root rot as a result of over-watering. I’ve tried so many different growth medium and clay vs. plastic pots etc etc, and I just can’t seem to get it right.

Anyways, I’ve got a couple of oncidium NOID hybrids as I said, and I generally know very little about them.

One of them have been struggling to put up a spike for the best part of half a year. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the flowers since it’s one of the first home-grown oncidium spikes in my collection. I thought I knew which plant this was, I thought it was a Gower Ramsey-looking yellow flower with a chocolate scent.

This morning, when I opened up my little home-made growth area made out of a book self wrapped in shower curtain, I just went: WHAT?!

Even hubby came running to check up on the situation. He asked if they had all died over night, and I might have heard a hint of hope and expectation in his voice, but I prefer not to even think about it.

The little NOID oncidium is flowering all right, but obviously I’ve mixed up my plants a bit because I swear I’ve never seen this guy face-to-face before.


He’s quite cute, I suppose. He’s got the shape of a miniature wildcat more than a Gower Ramsay, and the flowers are all leaning backwards, lying on the stem rather than standing. Unfortunately there is no scent, at least not yet, but I suppose I can always hope that it will develop over the next few days.

This guy clearly demonstrate the need for a bit more system and order, in the form of labeling, taking pictures and making notes. I could have opted for many different ways of doing this, and I decided on the blog. So it’s really, really time to get down to business.

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