Blc.Duckitt Beauty x Lc. Trick or Treat

It’s not often that I get the chance to walk around in the orchid nurseries and pick out my own plants. I’m used to having them shipped to me unseen. For the most part, it works well but it’s just so nice to be able to actually walk around in a nursery for a couple of hours and lift and look at the different plants and to hand-pick your own purchases.

A table at Marvelous Orchids was full of cattleya alliance plants in various stages. Some of them were already flowering, and some did not even have sheaths developing. Some had labels, many had not.

But for the most part the plants looked healthy and they were BIG! Tall as in 50 cm +, and with lots of pseudobulbs and fairly good roots. And the price was right too. It was just too good an opportunity to let it pass.

Since I’m a sucker for warm red, orange, peach colored cattleyas I quickly discarded the ones that had flowers that looked like lueddemanniana types in pink and lilac/soft purple. (I’m not even a big fan of these colors in NOID phals. I prefer them either white or brightly colored). One of my first cattleya alliance plants (that I think I’ve killed by over-watering) had the most amazing bright orange flowers with a cerise lip. I’ve learnt from my mistakes, hopefully, and if I ever find a plant with similar flowers I’d be willing to pay a fortune for a second chance.

Anyways, this was not my second chance, but it was, possibly, still going to be a flower in the color scheme of my liking.

I had no idea how Blc. Duckitt Beauty looks. I’m curious. I suspect it’s a local hybrid from Darling, South Africa. So I was hoping that the coloration of the Lc. Trick or Treat would be dominant and set the tone, so to speak.

My monster cattleya has finally opened up the first of two developing sheaths and *sigh*…it’s perfect!

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