Angraecum magdalenae


I bought an Angraecum magdalenae from Van Rooyen’s nursery in August 2012. The nursery said it was a ‘near bloom sized’ plant. I expected to have to wait for at least a couple of years before I could hope for flowers.

Angraecum magdalenae is an lithphytic species from Madagascar. It prefers a cool, dry winter rest (which reminds me that I need to stop watering and feeding this plant now  and put her together with the nobile dendrobiums) and a warm and wet summer season. It is a monopodial plant, but often make basal keikis to spread out. Angraecum magdalenae flowers during the spring and summer and has fairly large, white flowers with the most amazing scent.

It is my first angraecum, and it was love at first sight. I really like the fanned leaves of this plant, and I like the leaf texture and colour as well. Magda (that’s what she was called) settled in nicely. She came bare-root and I just potted her in a small clay pot with stones for drainage in the bottom and a combination of gravel and fine fir bark mix as growth medium. She grew a new leaf, after just a few months, two buds developed at the base of the plant.

Magda flowered in April 2012, and the flowers lasted for two weeks. I took the plant in from the greenhouse to enjoy it in the house while it was flowering. The dramatic change in environment probably shortened the lifespan of the flowers, but it was worth it. The scent is amazing and in the evenings and early in the morning, that little plant managed to perfume the whole house.

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