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It’s been a while since my last splash out on orchids and when the opportunity finally came I could not resist putting in an order, despite the fact that we’re heading into winter and the resting period for a lot of plants. Not the ideal time of the year to buy, I know. I’ll have to be extra patient and expect them to take longer to recover from the transport and the new environment, but like I said, I just could not resist the temptation.

This time I opted for plants from Plantae and Marvellous Orchids.

The Plantae plants were bought via e-mail and I didn’t manage to go there and pick out my own plants, but they all look good. Small (at least some of them), but good. The only one I’m a bit skeptical to is the Aerangis biloba. It has too reddish/brownish/wrinkled leaves for my liking. I’m leaving it untouched on the mount it came with in a shady corner of the greenhouse and I’m crossing my fingers that it will make a new leaf soon and that it will have a different color and texture.

The different plants deserve their own posts and I’ll work my way through them as I get the time, but for own reference, here is what I got:


That was the planned purchases. But then, driving around in Pretoria looking for a nursery to buy a birthday present for a friend, I came across this huge signboard saying Marvellous Orchids. I began hyperventilating of pure excitement. Marvellous Orchids does not really show off their selection on their homepage. It looks like it is a nursery focusing on NOID phals and the odd cattleya and dendrobium, but in fact, they do have quite a lot of interesting stuff if you take your time to look through the plants and dig out the name tags (if you can find one). For me, it was a rare and wonderful chance to pick out my own plants rather than to just trust the nursery owners to send me good stock. An the additional bonus is that most of the the plants I got were massive.

After a couple of hours, searching and admiring, tossing and turning, I ended up with the following:


I might have forgotten a plant or two.

Several of them have buds, and after a few days in the greenhouse they still look ok. I’m crossing my fingers that they will not blast and that I’ll be able to post some pictures of flowers soon.

Looking at the list of new plants I see that this was really a species shopping spree. I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m generally just looking for nice looking flowers and have never been very conscious in terms of species vs. hybrids, or even NOIDs for that matter. It could be that I’ve taken a step up on the ladder in the orchid hierarchy. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

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