To Donald Trump

I owe you a ‘thank you’.

Had it not been for you, I would have slumbered on, completely indifferent to American politics. But you, Mr Trump, are a wake-up call.

I’ve got to give it to you; you sure know how to make noise. You have a special ability to produce a painful stab-at-my-eardrums kind of shriek in my mind, similar to the sounds of worn-out breaks or fire alarms. The kind of noise that makes me want to shut my eyes and put my hands over my ears, while mumbling, “go away, go away, go away…”

But you don’t go away, and thus I remain awake. Every time I’m at the point of nodding off, you do something outrageous to wake me again. And for this, I owe you a thank you.

You’re right, Mr Trump, you have created a historical movement, and it is very yuge, really amazing, and totally awesome. You have kicked the beehive and millions of people like me, people who don’t normally raise their voices to shout political slogans or to demonstrate, have come to realize that now is the time to speak up. Clearly, we have overslept and ignored the warning signals, but we’re buzzing now. Fired up. Ready to go.

Pink is my new favorite color.

When I look at this image, that insanely annoying shriek of you is muted for a while. A lump forms in my throat, but it’s a good one. This is my tribe. The voices of solidarity, compassion, and what I consider to be common sense, are loud and clear, and overpowering. Just look at them!

This isn’t about party politics; left or right, liberals vs. conservatives; this is about core values and integrity. Thank you, Donald Trump, for reminding me that I’m a world citizen, and part of a world-wide collective, diverse and like-minded at the same time.

It was a rude awakening to watch the election in November, but that night reminded me of something so easily forgotten when life is easy and comfortable: I am a voter, and I have a responsibility to support the candidates or parties I have the most faith in. Never trust somebody else to do the right thing for you. As I’m watching your American carnage unfold, this becomes my conviction: I am one of the voters who can limit the influence of (fake) populist parties in my own country at the next election. I will vote.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for demonstrating how important it is with a free press. How different my perceptions of the past 14 days would have been if your twitter account had been my only source of information. Because of you, I’ve had to buy subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post. I’ve also bookmarked CNN. Why? Well, because you come across as stark raving mad and a complete nutcase, Mr Trump, and it is comforting to see that I’m not the only one questioning your twitter tantrums and alternative facts.

Thank you also for demonstrating why the separation of power is so critically important in a democracy. I had (and it seems you have too) all but forgotten about this stuff that we learned in high school, but since your inauguration you have kindly reminded me on a daily basis. You should really google Montesquieu whenever you have a chance, Mr Trump. Or, have a look in the American Constitution. It should be in your office somewhere. Seriously, I think you might learn something. Oh, and while you’re at it, pay extra attention to the part on ‘checks and balances’. This could prevent you from making comments like these in the future:

Lastly, I would like to point out that gaslighting only works up to the point when the victim understands what’s going on. Once the victim realizes she’s not going insane, the table is turned. The alternative facts and the accusations lose their impact. They become ridiculous and crazy. They beg to be contested and ripped apart.  All your tweets and recorded speeches give us plenty of reasons to question your sanity, Mr Trump. Not to mention your motives. Since your ego is so easily bruised and offended, and since you cannot seem to control your temper, do us all a favor: Stop throwing the first punch. Don’t you get it, Donald? You, you, are the fuel that keeps the critics going.

You won that election. How you managed is completely terrifying and beyond me, but you did. Judging from the last 14 days, I suspect this was an outcome no one of us was quite prepared for. Still, the damage has been done. Now it’s up to the rest of us to try to limit the impact and long-term consequences of your distorted worldview and fits of madness.

Thank you for sparking my involvement, Donald, and for forcing me to take a stand. I have been sleeping for way too long. Now I’m feeling kinda fired up and ready to go!

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