Sipadan and Similan 2011

Schooling barracudas gather in the currents at Sipadan

A moray is checking out a diver at Three Trees, Similan

Two red fire gobies are hovering outside their burrow, Sipadan.

A green turtle is clinging on to its breakfast on one of the walls at Sipadan.

A dwarf hawkfish chillin' on the artificial reef at Kapalai

Mark is watching as a green turtle dissappears into the big blue off a wall at Sipadan. Sipadan offers some of the most amazing and extreme wall diving in the world. They plummet down to between 500-2000 meters.

A longnose hawkfish is hiding in a gorgorian fan on one of the walls at Sipadan

A grey reef shark is cruising by on a morning dive at Sipadan

Sipadan is well known for its turtles.

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